017117/4156, 01957573112, 01914393105

National Board

National President


Apxn. Md. Abdul Matin Sikder

Ma: 36/B, Borobazar, Mymonsigh.

Mo: 01711704156, 01817522577

Email: matinsikder70@gmail.com

National Vice President

Apxn. S M Hassan Ali Ph.D

M.A: Department of Youth Development, Balaghata, Bandarban


Email: smhali67@yahoo.com

Imm. Past National President

Apxn. Ruhul Moin Chowdhury

Ma: H # 3, R # 23/A, Gulshan-1


Cell: 01745106666

Email: moin820@yahoo.com

National International Relationship Director

Apxn. Rezaul Karim Md. Masud

Member, Apex Club of Mymensingh

Cell No:01611-682386

e-mail: nird2023apexbd@gmail.com

National Youth & Citizenship Director

Apxn. Md. Anowar Hossain Babu

Cell No:01711-247416

e-mail: btc.babu@gmail.com

Member, Apex Club of Dhaka North

National Service Director

: Apxn. Adv. Masudur Rahman

Cell No:01712-287661

e-mail: rupantorjadu@gmail.com

Member, Apex Club of Dhaka

National Action Director

Apxn. G. D. Rumu

Cell No:01717-074908

e-mail: rumudhar@yahoo.com

Member, Apex Club of South Surma

National Extension Director

Apxn. Md. Sajjadul Hasan Elias

Cell No:01718-110846

e-mail: sajjadhasanmmb@gmail.com

Member, Apex Club of Gazipur

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